About ’m

The International Year of Light, Soil, Universal Expo “FEEDING THE PLANET: ENERGY FOR LIFE” (held in our home Town, Milan, Italy, The European Union), soon after Pope Franciscus released his “LAUDATO SI” (Enciclica) about the Integral Ecology, COP21 happened in 2015.

Then, my Partners and I, felt it was the time to invent the name of the next business game job.

In facts, CRE :: Cluster Resources Enablers are about the circular-business Humankind deserve, because of organic nature, knowledges & technologies.

That's all about what we @ 'm are providing, based on the value of relationship and the value of any other resources.

The issue for the Humankind is about becoming suitable to accomplish with the “glocal ECOnomy” we all experience, at the beginning of this third millennium.

'm eager to solve it, since their most urgent wish is to prove themselves sustainable enough in front of the up-coming short, medium and long term that bring the Humankind Community to the year 2050.

’m Partner

Community Solutions are a new experience for the Humankind today.

Indeed, organic nature is the real thing, while the web online digital in the making Era is an intangible result of Knowledges & technologies mix, the Humankind achieved, which is yet to be learned and experienced, step by step.

The eldest members in my family once told me that two were the most astonishing discoveries which changed their lives, in the past Century: the Electric Power and the Telephone.

No doubt, the first innovation was reducing the hardest part in daily jobs, but, the odd was radical in the change of facts about Human relationship modes.

In particular where people were remote from each other.
Ever since then, any ringing phone cuts short of any prior meeting agenda schedule or actual parlor waiting queue!
The virtual contact was winning against the real thing or right.

It is a fact that some 40 years after, its Inventor is said to state as follows, about it: << Today, the Internet happens to be a Humankind need as basic as sex.>>

’m Brand

'm was registered in the European Union as an original, genuine new brand for such a purpose:

’m Divenire, plasma. l2l.mobi

The first two signs (apostrophe ' & letter m) do result from the ENGLISH language form: << I’m >>. Wherefrom the “I” letter was removed, yes: totally cancelled.

This, because Community Solutions are based on the team share approach.

'm aiming at the relentless engagement and effort by the individual who's eager to connect, learn and achieve.

'm feeling good to teamshare with neigbours, to prove useful, to serve and support the expert way, the actual needs, in the most possible, by intensely sustainable mood.

'm invited to do so.

'm justified by the reciprocal effort presented to me by all other friends team members.

'm back to my Humankind Organic roots.

’m becoming better, since

’m improving myself, so that

'm getting ready for the need,

'm learning to take advantage of what is actually possible and affordable to me.

’m Legal


'm S A F E is a full-service digital media, interactive and public relations agency too, with own and genuine eCloud based intelligent brained teamshare in Italy and Abroad offering innovative solutions customized to our client’s digital needs and objectives.

Our integrated approach to digital media and PR produces programs that build client’s online presence and brand affinity with target consumers.

'm S A F E digital division develops tailored strategies and a public voice for each brand we represent.

'm S A F E's agency services include: social media marketing, digital communications, marketing, strategic planning & development, media relations, brand planning, business strategy, public relations (PR), brand content creation, art direction, graphic design, copy writing, photo-shoot, post production & event planning.

As a matter of policy, practice and good business, 'm S A F E put their client’s goals and interests ahead. 'm S A F E guarantee their commitment in providing their highest level of objectivity and professionalism to create cost effective marketing communications while investing each client’s budget as if it is their own.

As a matter of fact, 'm S A F E are well-equipped to meet the challenges of marketing to today’s sophisticated audiences. 'm S A F E help companies of all shapes and sizes to decide what’s next … and then they take them there.